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A blog about music records and finding music on the internet

Posted by on Jan 20, 2016 in Audio Valenza, Best Music Records, Music of 2015 | Comments Off on A blog about music records and finding music on the internet

There are plenty of ways to find online music that suits your tastes. , Pandora , and similar services will recommend new music based on the songs that you like. YouTube is filled with music videos of popular and not so popular artists. Search engines such as music Seeqpod make it easier to find the music you want.

If you collect all these methods for finding music in one place and add a few good ways to search and find the music you can get Soundflavor. Here are just a few things you can do with this service for finding music:

• Finds and plays YouTube videos of artists.
• Searches for music by genre, time, feelings or some phrases from the text of the poem.

• Enter artist name or song name to create a playlist of YouTube videos of similar songs.

• Install Soundflavor Video Jukebox widget to your blog, a blog.

• Or use sites like
Google is one of the best search engines today and you can use it to find almost everything you want. But we still think that it is better and more efficient to search specific content using dedicated servers. In this article we will describe some of the best search engine and finding music, i.e. MP3 files.

• Skreemr is one of the best search engine of MP3 files, which allows you to search (you guessed it) MP3 files. Its Results of search allow you to directly run a mp3 on within the search results, giving you information about the album and the popularity of the song you are listening to. Skreemr will display results from the different sites that host MP3 files. If you are trying to find your favorite song this is a search engine that will definitely be of help in your quest. Skreemr also comes with a Firefox plug-in that allows additionally makes it easier to find MP3 files without visiting the site.

music11• Mp3realm is another dedicated search engine, but unlike other search engine music Mp3Realm allows you to crate your personal account in his store your playlists and search results. You can directly add songs to your playlists from search results and access your playlists from anywhere that has access to the Internet. In addition to MP3 files you can browse and lyrics, as well as to perform advanced searches.

• Beemp3 is a dedicated search engine for MP3 files. You can use BeeMP3 search by artist, by song or by album. In addition BeeMP3 has a list of the most popular songs such as the World Top 10, US Top 10 and Top 10 Euro on its home page that allow you to quickly and easily find the most popular music.o-MUSIC-ONLINE-facebook

• eSpew is another search engine dedicated to finding and downloading MP3 files. eSpew allows you to create playlists and read lyrics, along with alphabetical list of archived files. eSpew has a toolbar that you can use to search directly from your web browser.

• Hushie is another search engine whose purpose through your MP3 files. Just type the name of the artist, album or song you want to find. Search results for Hushie are displayed in a detailed format, making them easier than with any other browser.

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Audio Valenza – best music records of 2015

Posted by on Jan 16, 2016 in Audio Valenza, Best Music Records, Music of 2015 | Comments Off on Audio Valenza – best music records of 2015

2015 year is behind us, it time for little recollection, we are here presenting you top ten albums in previous year.

10. Destroyer “Poison Season”
Imagine the situation where this album is on the cassette, you are putting it in your Walkman and going out on the empty streets of the city, you will listen it for hours, but happy to have it.

9. The Libertines “Anthems for doomed Youth”
There have been eleven years since their last album, we expected to hear from them an old sound, mature and little boring, but they brought us refreshment, inspirations and vividness, like the brake didn’t occur.

fidlar__53431_zoom8. Fidlar “Too” West coast skate punker isn’t always the first choice, but if you are child in the soul, who doesn’t want to grow up, then this album is perfect for you, with a sound of rhythmically hard punk you will listen this album with great enjoyment.

„There’s a secret we wanna know But you keep it for your own And all the kids wanna know Where do I belong Where do I go? “

7. Ben Khan “1000 EP”
After his “1992 EP” he published last year new EP which announced debut album in 2016. With first single “1000” he already gained offers from some records, but his funk incorporated with pop melody guarantees us excellent new album.

6. Bob Dylan “Shadows In The Night”
When it was first announced that Bob Dylan is making an album that is cover version of the songs that Frank Sinatra sang at some point, expectations were mixed, but he made his point. He sang these songs and they never sounded sincerer and more painful.

leonbridges_CVR5. Leon Bridges “Coming Home” The voice and sound of Leon Bridge is so amazing that seems like havens send us again Sam Cooke. Story of success of this young singer is unbelievable, he published two songs on Soundcloud, and one of them brought him extreme popularity and deal with Columbia Records.

4. Courtney Barnett “Sometimes I sit and think, sometimes I just sit”
This young Australian star just published her first album and already made great success. This album is one of those that once they caught you ear, you will stay in love forever. Each of these monologs is wacked and serious on its own way and she doesn’t hide her insecurities, each subject has a different music style, from rock and blues to folk.

3. Sleater-Kinney “No Cities to Love”
After ten years of recording break, Sleater -Kinney’s have shown us their good shape. Ten songs full of energy, passion and force but mixed with fine melody are packed in one compact content.

RhiannonGiddensReview_0417152. Rhiannon Giddens “Tomorrow Is My Turn” This is a compilation of American pop ballads and she has proven with her strong voice that she can stand shoulder to shoulder with the greatest. Album is full of folk, blues, gospel and country music and Rhiannon has managed to move through genres without any problems.


1. José González “Vestiges & Claws”
This Sweden musician is on the scene since 2003, but with the album “Vestige and Claws” he made his success, soft and calm voice implies personal theme of this album.

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